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Original Post By theref (
September 13, 2019
Subject: PJW Jr High Weights
Will PJW be changing their jr high weight classes this year like the PIAA has changed their jr high weight classes? If they do that is 108 wrestlers less making the PJW jr high state tournament.

Reply By theref --(
sorry, 126 less wrestlers making it to states.
Reply By --(
Has this ever been determined, are the junior high weights changing for the upcoming '19-20 season?
Reply By theref --(
For the PIAA jr high wrestling season the weights are changing. No one from PJW has commented as far as I can see. The rumor is that they are following the PIAA. I think anytime you take away opportunities for kids to compete, its bad for wrestling.
Reply By and333 --(
PJW meeting is not till Oct, I'm sure it will be discussed then

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