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Original Post By PJW_Fan (
March 23, 2019
Subject: Area VI Qualifier
I was very disappointed in the Area VI qualifier this weekend. It amazes me that this event is held in such a small gym. There is no seating for at least 35% of the PAYING parents and coaches. And to add insult to injury, the Meadville wrestling coach thinks he is running the tournament and acts like a complete jerk and is completely rude to anyone but his own staff. I saw him on multiple occasions get into it with parents/coaches about where they were standing or sitting and then he or some other meadville person did the same thing and nothing was done.

This is supposed to be the premier tournament of the year for our area. Small gym, rude host, awful concessions.

It needs to be moved to a different gym so everyone has a place to sit and it needs to be run by someone who can treat everyone with respect. This area is run by good people, the tournament host should follow suit. Please get this in a better location.

Reply By jsmith1976 --(
100% agree. I had to pay $10 on the second day to have no seat and then harassed when I was trying to watch my nephew wrestle. Brackets were never updated, the host was rude, and not enough seating. What is area VI doing???
Reply By wrestlingdad510 --(
The gym was way to small to host this event. Agreed the Meadville coach was a total jerk and totally disrespectful on how he talked to people. Hopefully Area VI can fix this and pick somewhere that can handle all the people.
Reply By peabody --(
What gym in Area 6 is bigger ??
Just curious as to what you think the solution is. It is my understanding this is the largest gym in A6.
Reply By wrestlingdad510 --(
i would say that Sharon has a bigger gym
Reply By PJW_Fan --(
Yeah Sharon has a way bigger gym. Thatís why all the tournaments for varsity are there. Also Iíve never seen anyone get verbally abused by any coach there. The seating and disrespect for people is what the Area need to address.
Reply By --(
I think your confusing the area 6 chairman with the Meadville coach. Th Meadville coaches have no jurisdiction there.
Reply By PJW_Fan --(
I donít think anyone is confused. The Payneís are great people and do their best and treat everyone with respect. We are no mistaken about who the disrespectful person was at that tournament.

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