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Original Post By Justme (
April 12, 2018
Subject: Age/grade
Why do people have 7th graders wrestle youth division ? Is the medal really that you feel that good to have your son win when he shouldn't even be allowed in there.

Reply By HornetWrestling --(
A 12 year old seventh grader is still only 12 years old. Not sure how this is any kid of advantage.

Sounds like someone is sour grapes - tell junior to work harder and not worry about what grade someone is in.
Reply By Justme --(
Actually no my 7th grader wrestled Jr. High states like he should. And did well. The advantage is they compete all year in Jr high why should they wrestle youth ? Most of them are 13 by the time they get to states wrestling kids who are 11. The difference at that age is huge. If a ninth grade has any varsity experience he can't wrestle jr high why is this different. I think all it teaches is that when the competition is to hard take the easy route. That doesn't help in wrestling or life
Reply By Justme --(
Next we will have college freshman coming back and wrestling high school tournaments because they couldn't win it when they were there ? You don't get better by wrestling lesser competition. And yes when you are 13 and have a moustache that little 11 yr old standing across from you on the mat is lesser competition.
Reply By HornetWrestling --(
So if the kid is 12 but in 7th grade, he has an unfair advantage over a 12 year old 6th grader because he wrestled in JH?

Not sure what area you are from but we live in one of the toughest districts in the state and the level of comp at JH was pretty pathetic for the most part. The best kids were the same kids we’ve been wrestling at the youth level the past 5 years.

As for “13 year olds” wrestling 11 year olds, the rule is you can’t be 13 before the end of the previous calendar year so anybody that is 13 has only been 13 since January or later of this year. Take it up with the PJW rules committee.

All of this stuff will come full circle in HS and if your kids are always improving, it probably isn’t something worry about.
Reply By --(
I agree with Justme on some of this issue. I do think it's distinct advantage to wrestle a Jr high season and compete at the youth level for JO's. I think you should have to decide at the beginning of the year if you're going to wrestle Jr High or youth. This would be similar to 9th graders having to decide at the beginning of the year if they're wrestling Jr High or High School. Same concept that a 9th grader who would wrestle varsity would have faced much tougher competition and had a full season of varsity practice before coming down to compete at the jr high level. They do not allow this and I think the same concept applies for 7th graders wrestling youth.

But to answer Justme question about the medals being that important? Yes they are! That's why 99% of the kids do it. It teaches them how to set goals and measure their progress. Should it be the only factor? No. But you can't call out kids for wanting medals or their parents for trying to put them in the best position to get one.
Reply By Shute --(
I guess I can hold my 12 year old back. Is that ok with you? Maybe I can hold him back 2 years, so he is 14 in 7th grade.

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