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Original Post By wrestlingfan (
January 30, 2018
Subject: Respect & Sportsmanship & Definition of a LOSER
I wanted to bring something up that I think is going to drum up some action on this forum. Its an important piece of our culture and sport. My intentions aren't to call any specific individual out but definitely call out an area to get a reaction with some logic and intelligence behind it, other than what fans see week end and week out.

I was a spectator at the Tyrant Duals in Pa recently and then again in Md at the Mcdonogh Duals this past weekend. The intensity and excitement exists in every match of every dual for somebody, the parents, the wrestlers, or just fans of the wrestlers.

But something stuck out at each event on those different weekends.... the parents, the coaches and the wrestlers from NJ, on a NJ Team or on another team but are from NJ, are the most ignorant, most disrespectful, people involved in this sport. I know not everybody falls into this category of being like that but unfortunately, guilty by association.

The best athletes and their parents are the worst. Flipping other teams fans off because of a close match, the wrestlers never shaking hands, the wrestlers flipping other coaches off, the wrestlers, basically a product of their parents and culture are the most ignorant kids that I've ever been around. There is one wrestler and parent in particular that stands out as the biggest loser, that is a skilled wrestler but not as great as he or his dad thinks. As a matter of fact, when another wrestler gives him a competitive match that's when the ignorance begins and the disrespect from the fans begin. So, when I see or hear about this kid from somewhere that wrestles for a team from NJ, whether its at Super 32, States, Nationals, trying to make a college commitment, then wrestling in college, or anywhere I hear this kids name, I will always remember the middle finger from the middle of the mat with a big smile on his face as the ref is raising his hand after a close match that he thinks the kid stalled the entire match because he couldn't score on him. (it was a 2-0 match) He couldn't respect the opponent, the coaches , the state he was in or even the sport. That's the definition of a LOSER!

Reply By Hookngo --(
I loved when my kid would wrestle one of these kids and totally dominate him and listen to those parents talk a bunch crap , and sometimes the kid is more grown up than the parents , but the kid acts like the parents my kid has been bitten , punched , and was threaten to be killed yes killed the kid got a school suspension and the kids dad did nothing , but we just kept wrestling and those people will weed them selves out or just get thrown out of the sport! But yes I think it's a shame and funny at the same time

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