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Original Post By CoachChertow (
June 28, 2018
Subject: Mark Calendar July 15
Gold Medal Training Camp System @ Penn State Ramada Inn Convention Center

Start date: Sunday July 15 after Penn State arts festival.

Mark your calendar and make plans to attend!


Reply By CoachChertow --(
Youth camp coordinators will include lifelong Gold Medal Campers Matt Kocher and Jason Kiessling.

July 15-20 Youth Camps coordinator assisting me will be Coach Kiessling. Jason was a high school state champion and ACC Champion at Maryland. He now coaches youth full time at his club in MD and his son was Tulsa National Champion.

July 20-23 Youth Camps coordinator will be Matt Kocher. Matt was a PIAA State Champion and grew up in my HTC kids club and camps for a decade. He was NCAA All-American at Pitt. He now coaches youth in Pittsburgh.

I can think of no better men to help me help your sons at our camp this summer. They KNOW wrestling and UNDERSTAND how to coach children.

We are MUCH different than your typical local commuter camp or college sponsored camp. We have great staff giving small group personalized instruction along with me every minute of every session.

See for camp details and contact me to learn more.
Reply By CoachChertow --(
Learn, train, eat and sleep at the Penn State Ramada Inn Conference Center.

Parents are welcome at any or all sessions free.
Reply By CoachChertow --(
Now that PJW State is over it is time to make summer camp plans.

We are offering a $50 discount per camper for groups of 8 from same community enrolled by April 15.

As always I will have many star clinicians joining me. Long time HTC student Zain Retherford who attended my summer camps annually from Future Champions to Kids Training up through Super Gold Camper, will be at a session or more both weeks.

Coach Chertow
Be a Champion
Reply By CoachChertow --(
We welcome you and your team enrolling now. See link below.
Reply By CoachChertow --(
4-9 day options for all ages at the Penn State Ramada Inn Conference Center.

Join me, Zain and many dedicated coaches and wrestlers.

Many details above and below at this link.
Reply By CoachChertow --(
Enrollment is going well and we added a camp July 20-23 too.

Zain Retherford will be joining me and our dedicated staff.

We offer 4-9 day options July 15-23 at the Penn State Ramada Inn Conference Center.

For more info and to enroll visit
Reply By CoachChertow --(
Link to enroll below.
4-9 day options for all ages.

Some of my lifelong students...
Zain Retherford
Matt Kocher
Mitchell Port

Guests include NCAA DII Heavyweight Champion Terrance Fanning and NCAA Cinderella success story Kyle Conell.
Reply By CoachChertow --(
Enrollment link.

Email any questions to

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