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Original Post By theref (
January 14, 2018
Subject: Trinity Hiller Classic Delay schedule
The Hiller Classic is still on, but the school is making us delay.

Our new schedule is as follows.

We will still hold weigh ins tonight from 6-8.


Weigh ins for all from 10 - 11 AM.
Noon Start for 6 & under, 8 and under, and 12 & under

Weigh ins for second session 2-3 PM
8 and under novice, 10 and under, and 15 and under

Wrestling to start immediately following the first round.

Please share this information. I am going to do my best to notify every single person that registered but if you could let your coaches and team mates know that would go a long way.

Thank you for understanding

Trinity Wrestling

Reply By theref --(
Thank you to all that attended the 38th annual Hiller Classic. Despite the delay, we still had over 500 wrestlers. There great matches and great competition all day long.

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