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Original Post By Tech fall dad (
November 21, 2017
Subject: Malvern Prep youth team coaches step inside
It appears you guys have figured out a 2 week weight loss phenomena. Slow clap! So please tell us is it a secret potion? Or was it the “home team scale” during your k-6th dual tourney?
The 18+ pounds “lost” in 2 weeks by a 12 year old is a great accomplishment. But to gain it all back for another touney 2 weeks later is even more astonishing. Can you tell us the secret?

Reply By GutWrench --(
Interesting topic.

While we are on the subject of weigh ins, our team has been to two different duals in the last month where the weigh ins were basically a joke.

Kids showing up 1-3 pounds (possibly more, or so I'm told) over the weight class they were slotted to wrestle and were allowed to wrestle anyway. This didn't just apply to the home team either - the folks running the scale just smiled and waved them on.

What's the point of posting weight classes? If the dual is a Madison style system, say so and let all the kids enjoy the same benefits.

Reply By Tech%20fall%20dad --(
Unfortunately its not going to change. So we are just going to talk with our money from here on out. Any of these places that have tournies and cheat like that we just wont attend anymore.

Most of us try and teach our kids ethics and hard work that comes with this sport, but obviously some do not.

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